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Why does my chimney need sweeping?

Chimneys need to allow dangerous gasses to leave the appliance without causing damage to you and your property. Regular cleaning will remove the build up of soot and to help prevent chimney fires. It will also determine whether there any blockages that will prevent your chimney from working efficiently.


How often do I need my chimney sweeping?

All chimneys should be swept at least once a year as recommended by the fire service, insurance companies and by Sweep Safe, whether using coal, oil, gas or wood. Wood burning appliances should be swept quarterly and we can advise you whether you need this for your particular appliance.


How long will it take to sweep my chimney?

A sweep usually takes 30-60 min's per appliance


Does it make any mess?

No! We supply our own sheets and seal up the appliance to eliminate mess. You may get the occasional light sprinkle of dust fall down the chimney into the hearth after we have finished and this is quite normal and unavoidable.


What happens to the soot?

After we have swept the appliance, the soot is sealed up in a plastic bag and is left with the customer to dispose of in their general waste bin, as advised by the local authorities


Are you a registered chimney sweep?

Yes; we are registered with Sweep Safe & HETAS

Do I get a certificate at the end?

Yes; we provide you with the official certificate from Sweep Safe 


Are you insured?

Yes; we have full liability insurance.


How do I pay?

Cash or cheque is the preferred method of payment which is accepted on completion of the chimney sweeping. We also accept bank transfer which is required on the same day.


What days to you work?

We work Monday to Friday and every other Saturday.


When is it best to get my chimney swept?

We sweep all year around with our quieter times in the spring and summer. In the winter please expect a 2-3 week wait.


Do I need to prepare anything?

All we ask is that there is enough room in front of your fire to lay down our sheets and tools and the fire is out and cold. People are often shocked when we turn up and the fire is on and we say we can't sweep it!

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